Item Statistic

Realm :Frostmourne

Faction :

[Ring of the Shadow]

Data Fetched at 2021-12-08 21:54:47 (8 months ago)
Quantity On AH 1
Minimum Bid Price 1959
Minimum Buyout Price 2
Average Bid Price 1959
Average Buyout Price 2
Median Bid Price 1959
Median Buyout Price 2
Price Change
LifeTime Price History
Type Min Max
Min Buyout 20
Min Bid 1959 141959
Mean Buyout 20
Mean Bid 1959 141959
Median Buyout 20
Median Bid 1959 141959
Cost Price
Average Profit From Bid/Buyout 1959 / 2

Price Chart

Buyout Bid Cost Price

Volume Chart

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