Item Statistic

Realm :Frostmourne

Faction :

[Crisp Spider Meat]

Data Fetched at 2021-12-12 15:30:06 (5 months ago)
Quantity On AH 22
Minimum Bid Price 83
Minimum Buyout Price 894
Average Bid Price 860
Average Buyout Price 957
Median Bid Price 9
Median Buyout Price 10
Price Change
LifeTime Price History
Type Min Max
Min Buyout 99999
Min Bid 5 91
Mean Buyout 99999
Mean Bid 51 91
Median Buyout 99999
Median Bid 53 91
Cost Price
Average Profit From Bid/Buyout 9 / 10

Price Chart

Buyout Bid Cost Price

Volume Chart

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