Welcome to Web Auctioneer

A auction house analysis website for World Of Warcraft private servers

Sorry folks but this project is shut down, if you have any questions or suggections you can get in touch with me on the admin email. Thank you all!!!

Hello all people have been asking me to make this project open source i will be doing that soon. Mostly this week, sorry have been very busy with work. I will post the link here.

The websites source can be all found here! Reddit

Features Of Website

  • price history of the item on your realm and faction
  • add alerts to items based on your conditions and receive notifications (discord, email, desktop)
  • view cost price(price to make item) of item
  • view profit you can get if you make an item using buyout
  • discord integration with website get auction house prices to your discord server
  • *NEW* Download Auctioneer scan data to WoW game folder
  • Added a FAQ

If you have any suggestion or feedback please send a email to admin@web-auctioneer.com

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